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Whether your medical need is related to a more common problem like high-blood pressure or is more serious, we are here to care for you. At our offices, we can provide many cardiology services that usually don’t require a visit to a hospital setting.

Meet Our Providers

  • Sanjeev Bhatta M.D.

    Sanjeev Bhatta, M.D.

    Board Certified Cardiovascular
    & Internal Medicine Specialist

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  • Ronnie Sabbah M.D.

    Ronnie Sabbah, M.D.

    Board Certified Internal Medicine
    Cardiology Specialist

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Why Choose Us?

  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Leading Experts in Cardiology
    & Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Board Certified in Cardiovascular
    Disease & Internal Medicine
  • Personalized Treatment

Understand Your Chest Pain

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    What is chest pain?
    Chest pain can be described as a discomfort, a dull ache, burning, or a sharp stabbing sensation between your neck and upper abdomen.

  • 02

    What causes chest pain?
    Chest pain can occur as a result of many problems. Angina, heart attack, pericarditis, myocarditis etc are some of the heart-related causes of chest pain.

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    What are the warning signs?
    New or unexplained chest pain lasting for more than a few minutes demands immediate medical help, as it could be the sign of something serious.

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    What do I do next?
    Talk to your doctor immediately or Call 911 or other emergency services if you have chest pain.



Awake CABG

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is a surgical procedure performed to bypass a blocked artery of the heart. It involves incising a small part of a blood vessel (most commonly a vein from the leg) and using it as a graft.

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